Monday, June 05, 2006

Cavalcade of Risk - Defined

Because, well, “Carnival” has been done.

The purpose of the C of R is to offer insights into the world of risk management; generally, this will be insurance-related, but that’s not a requirement. Our goal is to help folks understand what risk is, and how to manage it. It's about business and finance, of course, but it's also about risks in our everyday lives and personal relationships.

The purpose of the C of R is NOT to provide a forum for folks to simply advertise their services, or bash their competitors, or tout any one concept as a panacea.

Ideally, posts will help:

a) Others in the field to learn a new, or different, or perhaps better way of doing something;


b) Folks not in the field to learn a bit more about how insurance and other risk management schemes work.

I’d like to model this on the new and fascinating Health Wonk Review, which means that the C of R will:

a) Be published bi-weekly

b) Be limited to posts directly relating to risk management (not just insurance in general)

c) At least initially, all posts which do not violate item b will be included.

The first C of R is (tentatively) scheduled for Wednesday, June 7.

There are three ways to submit your post:

1) Via email

2) At the Blog Carnival

3) At "Ferdy"

Thank You!